Tuesday 21 January 2014

Reasons to run, number 678,124,954

When the sun goes in again

and the mornings feel like you're sliding away into the dark

and all the words that might make you feel better are all words that you've used before, so many times, and it feels too much, too much to have to use them all again, to dig them all out and order them because it would just feel like you were kidding yourself or going through the motions

and anyway, really, three strikes and you're out, you should have a handle on this by now, get a grip, you're making people uncomfortable, stop being so self-absorbed, it's not about you, its about her, she's the one who needs your help, who tunes out more and more now or loses her rag so loudly, who watches her siblings go out to parties and sleepovers, who gets left behind and is never invited, so how dare you get upset or cry because its not about you its about her its about her

- but you are the person who has to sort it out, and keep encouraging and be positive and to do that you have to keep going even when all you can do is wonder what words to use and, while you're wondering that, listen to other people's words,

which fall like blows

like this one:

"I can't teach her any more. I can't - I'm not trained to work with These People - I'm very frustrated."

and this one:

"So, then, we'd like you all to look at your children when they are resting, or relaxing, and see what they are doing, and see what they like, and make a note. Perhaps that's something that you could encourage them to do in clubs, to meet friends."

(this is it? this is the sum total of your advice? don't you think i'm doing that? don't you think i've been doing that for years and years and years?)

and this one:

"He's not the first." "To be mean to you?" "To think I am incapable of getting hurt."

(and i'm wiping away tears in the dark before my husband sees i'm crying at the tv again)

and it's just

too much

so i run

Click here to find out how I'm aiming, via running, to help children with autism and Asperger's Syndrome learn, thrive and achieve.


  1. A big, no, actually a bloody enormous hug to you, Sophie.
    And one for your Grace too.

    My Grace is a little bit younger - still in Yr 5 - but we're looking at High Schools and I'm already dreading the 11-16 part of her education. Her peers are starting to pull away from her in various ways, and it breaks my heart to hear from my funny, clever, sparkling beauty that other kids are calling her 'mad' and saying she has 'Gracie germs' and running away from her.

    Small wonder you run. (I walk the dog.)

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