Monday 12 September 2011

A letter to my big girl

Hello darling puss,

I wonder what you will look like when you open this letter. Will you open it during your journey, I wonder, when you're still all smart and clean and shining with excitement? Or will you open it after you've arrived at the outward bound centre, and you're rosy-cheeked from running around. Perhaps you're sitting on the bunk bed you chose. Maybe you're just back from the swimming gala with your hair wet (make sure you ask a teacher to help you with those knots!)  Maybe you're opening this after you've done the assault course and there is mud under your fingernails. Or maybe you're opening this just before you do that big scary zipwire and you're feeling a bit worried about it. Have you got butterflies in your tummy? Don't worry - you'll love it once you're up there!

One thing I hope is the same whenever you read this -- I hope you've got a big smile on your face and that you're enjoying yourself. I am missing you and thinking about you and I'm so, so proud of you.

Do you remember what we talked about before you got on the coach? How are you getting on with your friends? Please try your hardest to be kind to them. Remember, they'll be just as nervous and excited as you are. They might be feeling a bit worried, or a bit homesick. If you are feeling a bit anxious, then I bet you they are too. If you're not sure how they're feeling, just ask them. If you're wondering why they're behaving in a certain way, just ask them. Maybe there's something in particular you want to tell them. Think to yourself first: how would I feel if someone said this to me? If you think you'd feel ok then go right ahead.

I'm sure everything will go really well. But just in case: if something happens that makes you feel angry or upset, close your eyes and count to ten slowly. Imagine I'm there and giving you a big cuddle. Breathe in, breathe out. Now imagine what I might say. Imagine that feeling of having got it all off your chest. Imagine a feeling of peacefulness. Breathe in, breathe out. There. Is that better?

You're going to get the opportunity to do so many new things my love. Relax and enjoy them. And don't worry if you don't feel like it, or if you're not sure what you're supposed to be doing. Just ask a teacher. Ask Mrs M. I've talked to her and she knows that sometimes you need another explanation. She'll be looking out for you.

If you start to feel tired and like it's all too much, ask a teacher if they can find you a quiet spot for a while. Take good care of your drawing things so that you've got them to hand if you need to relax for a bit.

You're going to roll your eyes when you read this next bit! Please try not to disappear off to Monster High or Phantom Manor. I know you're really into them right now and some of your new characters are just fabulous. But you won't get a chance to really take in all the fun stuff that's there if you're playing with DracuLaura and Grace Reaper! So imagine they've taken the bus to their own outward bound adventure and are away too for a couple of days. When you're all back home you can compare experiences!

Now I think this letter is long enough, don't you? So I'll finish now. But not before I ask you to remember one last thing: I love you darling. You are my precious pet, my little chum and the Grace of my heart.

Have a wonderful time.


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