Saturday, 11 June 2011

Toxic Running

So today was my first run for two weeks, after a lengthy holiday which involved transatlantic flights, lots of champagne, large portions of fried food, very little sleep and significant partying.

I was dreading it. However I had already used the Chinese Takeaway Excuse (TM), as clever readers will have spotted, when Karen came knocking at my door at 8.45 am this morning -- so I had no option but to take a deep breath and set off with her.

Result: I set a personal best, shaved five minutes off my usual time for completing our local 3.5-mile route and didn't stop once, not even on the hills.

Tempting as it is to conclude that a champagne and fried-food diet is the way to train for October's run, I am trying to avoid the temptation.

Let's see how tomorrow's run compares.


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